Website SEO and traffic

What is Web Traffic and why it is important?

Web traffic are the people who visit a website using internet. Moreover, each visit is counted as a session in digital marketing analytics. Furthermore, There are two major types of traffic. Firstly, organic traffic. Secondly, paid traffic. Higher traffic means more people visited a website. Therefore, more chances of getting business leads.

In conclusion, Web traffic is an important analytic in online business. It does not only increase the opportunity of increase in sales. But it also helps increase the awareness of product or service that you offer.

What are the types of internet or website traffic.

There are many types of internet traffic. For example, 

  • Paid Traffic
  • Organic Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic

The most considered for online business is Organic and Paid traffic. Organic traffic is free traffic reaching through search. Paid traffic is acquired through social media advertising, Google Ads or Facebook Advertising. etc.

How to get more organic traffic

How To Get More Organic Traffic?

In most cases people focus entirely on sales generating website. Therefore, they do not consider design, structure and content. For example, an online business website offering a best product or service might have a higher bounce rate just because of a poor design.

Secondly, your web site must offer some value related to content. Engaging and Informative content acts as a magnet for organic traffic.

How to get cheap paid traffic?

This is one of the most asked questions in digital marketing and social media advertising. I have a different opinion. Firstly, cheap traffic does not guarantee big increase in sales. Secondly, cost of advertising on Google, Facebook or other social media platforms depends upon the type of campaign and desired results.

Most importantly, if the the ads campaign is optimized properly it will generate more sales and a good ROI (Return on investment). In conclusion, A campaign with a better ROI is always cheap.