facebook page organic growth

Facebook Page Organic Growth.

If you are looking to get more Facebook page organic growth. The following will be helpful. There are three main analytics which reflect Facebook page growth.

  1. Reach
  2. Engagement
  3. Page Likes

Most Importantly, Posting engaging and informative content is the key to get a higher Facebook page organic growth. Just posting regular or copied content cannot guarantee growth. Above all, the post or content that you publish for your audience must have a value. 

Posting regularly does not mean posting multiple times a day. Most importantly, Your post must offer some value to the audience. Best approach is to focus the on the niche or targeted audience. Posting content which is relevant, engaging and informative for your followers.

It matters less how many times you post every day or week. What matters is the quality and value.

Posting average content might get a good reach based on your audience but its uncertain that it would get high a engagement or generate more page like.

Facebook growth insight

Video content is very popular these days. It is considered to be a best approach to interact with your audience. Instead of scrolling and reading. People show more interest in watching a video. In conclusion, Using more videos in your post will increase reach and engagement.

Using paid traffic campaigns can also help a lot in increasing and managing page growth. For example, awareness campaigns are relatively cheaper than conversions. Moreover, it can give a big push in reach. Finally, if the content that you post is good it can give you a good kick start.

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